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OWN Pakistan – Strings Live in Concert

This 23rd March, “EM Entertainment” and “Concept events and planning” are coming up with the most unique and fun filled evening you can think of. Lets Unite and “Own Pakistan” Come and Witness the one of a kind Concert which would feed your souls and bodies at the same time! Soothing melodies by the one […]

Tyson, Amir To Visit Pakistan’s Arena DC Report

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, 45, and current boxing sensation Amir Khan are being awaited in Islamabad this month. Amir, known as King Khan does have a large fan’s community in Pakistan and has shown great respect for his parent’s homeland many times by visiting the nation yet Tyson’s visit is being welcomed largely […]

Saturn The Band From Islamabad

First time we heard a Saturn tune was so long ago that honestly its very hard to re call the year. At that time we fell in love with their work and spent good 30 minute to download the song ( oh yeah the glorious dial up days)… Now after years they have re united […]

4O1 | Sinfully Delicious

We are not chocolate connoisseurs, we are just some ordinary people who love chocolates and are always on the lookout for something new, something amazing, something that is sinfully tempting and today Jumma Tul Wida turned out to be our lucky day as we found something called 4O1… Let’s just say, 401 made us droll […]

Bakeries in Islamabad

In this post we try to sum up the major bakeshops in Islamabad, if you want to add a place just leave a comment.  Home Based Bakeries  Iqwees Bakery –  4O1-  Aunties Kitchen –  Cake Mania –  Tummy Tickles Cakiesta Funky Bake Sugar n Crumbs Buttercup A la Carte Mint to be     Conventional Bakeries BAKEWELL Bizzon, F-11 […]