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Bakeries in Islamabad

In this post we try to sum up the major bakeshops in Islamabad, if you want to add a place just leave a comment.  Home Based Bakeries  Iqwees Bakery –  4O1-  Aunties Kitchen –  Cake Mania –  Tummy Tickles Cakiesta Funky Bake Sugar n Crumbs Buttercup A la Carte Mint to be     Conventional Bakeries BAKEWELL Bizzon, F-11 […]

Iqwee’s Bakery | Igniting Taste Buds

Are you having a dull day… Are you bored… Are you like why is this happening to me… Than its time to try something new… something different.. something divine.. something awesome… something from Iqwee’s Bakery….  Iqwee’s Bakery is an online home bakery which specializes in cakes, cup cakes, brownies and cookies. The Iqwee Bakery serves […]

Aunty’s Kitchen

After reported cases of food poisoning, people have become conscious about their eating habits. This has given rise to a new generation of home based bakeries and food suppliers. Aunty’s Kitchen is the latest addition to the home based industry of Islamabad. As the name says it all, Aunty’s Kitchen is all about fresh homemade […]

Tummy Tickles

We at Islamabad The Capital have a sweet tooth. Anything that is sweet and freshly baked is our weak spot. Call it good luck or call it good fortune, today we were introduced to something different, something AWESOME, something what we like to call as Abb Mazza Aya.  Tummy Tickles is a home based business […]