An Interview with Sheikh Ammar Shahzad

At, we always take pride in promoting Pakistani youth… One such individual is Sheikh Ammar Shahzad… Recently we had the opportunity to speak with this highly motivated youth…

Here is the interview ….

Tell us something about yourself?

Myself,Well I am typical Pakistani who has grown up in Streets Of Rawalpindi City.Belonging to an Upper Middle Class family and having all attributes of a Young Pakistani Can have ! Honestly Speaking I am not so Academically and Professionally disciplined but Yes I am committed to the pursuit of social welfare, social change and social justice in my Motherland.

What is youth senate How did you join the youth senate?

The Youth Senate Pakistan (YSP) is a democratic, politically independent and leading youth forum for Pakistani future leaders as a mock senate, aspiring to promote leadership and new community-based developmental concepts. It is a future oriented plan, which focuses on political, social, economic and professional aspects of youth’s role in the nation building process. Being a symbolic law-making body YSP provides an artificial environment to the youth of Pakistan that enable them to understand the functioning of national legislative bodies, political campaign, media strategies, action program, and other public welfare tasks.
Well I had read about the Youth Parliament many times and wanted to join it and One day randomly while surfing the internet i came across youth senate webiste and I got very inspired by its idea and applied for it and My journey with youth senate started.

The work you are doing this Ramzan?

Well This Ramazan YSP launched its 1st Project known as the ” AFTAR KA SATH “.This Project is divided into 3 Categories .(1) Serving Free Iftar and Dinner at large Scale to Poor and Downtrodden segments of society in hospitals,Bus stations etc.(2) Ration Distribution In which a 20 kg Ration Bag is distributed to the needy people which consists of Cooking Oil,Rice,Sugar,flour & dates etc. Each packs containing sufficient quantity of food enough to meet the need of 5 persons for 10 days.
(3) We will be distributing Eidhi/Eid Gifts in the last 5 days of Ramazan for all the have-not families in the backward nooks and corners of the country using our national network of Youth District Members.

Can you name the projects completed as youth senator?

Well As it is your knowledge last year on the 28th July 2010 an Private Company Airplane Crashed in Matgalla Hills causing 152 Deaths out of which 6 Gems Of Youth Parliament even lost their lives.Me and Mr.Hanan Ali Abbasi(Chairman YSP) Conducted several meetings with the Concerned Authorities like Mr.Imtiaz Inayat Elahi(Chairman CDA) and others and got a Monument Built in the Remembrance of these Martyrs who were future leaders of Pakistan. Simultaneously we are working on a Project known as ” YSP Modular Schools ” in which more then 20 Schools will be built across Pakistan in the areas where there are no schools or the schools running lack basic necessities.I,Personally in my capacity as a Youth Senator have held successful meetings with Organisations which will be leading further to their Joint Ventures with YSP to work on this Project right after Eid.I also feel Immense Pleasure to lead this ” Aftar ka Sath ” project in which we plan to serve Iftar to 100,000 people across Pakistan and INSHA ALLAH we will achieve our target by the End Of Ramazan.

Given the chance, would you join the politics?

Well that would be pretty early to say whether I would take place in Active Politics or not but rest assure I will research and practice to improve the quality of life and to the development of the potential of each individual, group and community of a society.

5 years down the line.. where do u see yourself?

5 years down the line I should have been done with my studies plus gained a few years experience and will be all set to work as a Entrepreneur and lay the foundation of a newly formed Organization.

An advice to people who want to join the youth senate

I would Definitely Suggest Youth of Pakistan to come forward and Join Youth Senate Pakistan and Play a Role in the Making of a dynamic, more inclusive, Pakistan.That makes young people powerful by practically involving them in the decision making process and fostering their leadership qualities.

Thank You very much Sheikh Sahab… It was a pleasure…

It was a Pleasure talking with you Abbas Sahab.I wish you all the Best with your Website and adding further it looks to me as if its your website only that Highlighten every aspect of the Federal Capital like Its History,Cultural Places,Recent Activities and many others !

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  1. abc
    August 25, 2011 at 03:04 #

    Impressive! :D

  2. 9mi
    September 16, 2011 at 22:33 #

    its look like indian actor in ANJANA ANJANI movie

  3. sehr
    September 16, 2011 at 23:39 #

    hay guyz I like it nad want to join ur company plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Ammar
    October 7, 2011 at 02:14 #

    Hi Guys ! Thanku for the comments.People who want to join can email me on or call me @ 0322-5191505.Thanx :)

  5. Zehra Valliani
    November 11, 2011 at 18:52 #

    Brilliant. Well done! I wish you all the best for this noble cause..

    Zehra V

  6. rohma
    December 27, 2011 at 19:36 #

    well done !!
    Its quite impressive :)

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