Mesmerizing Fairyland of Facebook!

BY : Sammar Hamayun


Social media has played a vital role in spreading news, new discoveries etc around the globe in just few moments. We can’t deny the benefits of it, as it was the sole network connecting people when the snowfall broke all the records of recent years in 2012 in USA and other European states. Life was crippled there in certain ways i.e. gas, telephone and electricity supply was cut short. At that time social media has facilitated a lot in connecting people via face book, twitter and other sites.

In Pakistan our whole crop is under influence of mesmerizing fairyland of facebook. Other sites are also playing their role but Facebook is leading all of them and the impacts of facebook on our young generation are indeed heart rending. The fallacious and capricious world of Facebook, in which people think that just like movies a prince will come and take them away. A world where alluring princesses are roaming and where a prince best suited for them will catch sight of them and will be theirs forever. Maybe they call it “first sight love” but I really don’t understand the fact that how can a person accept such with their eyes closed? But yes, it does happen and is a ground reality. These fairy tales take place only in movies but your real life is not such a movie to entertain others.

Now let’s analyze some flaws of both girls and boys because we can’t clap with one hand and can’t put blame on one person merely.

Our teenagers are quite optimistic about facebook but we can’t run away from the facts and reality. A captivating place for young ones which is full of real, sincere, loving and affectionate people but they don’t focus on the reality behind the curtain, especially the girls feel that they are in spot light but when this spot light turns off, the results are drastic indeed. The increasing fraud and adultery rate is also a charisma of this mind blowing fairyworld.

The biggest mistake which all teenagers do is to trust a person who is totally unknown to them. You never know that a person is fake or real? Is that really the kind of person which you are painting in your mind? Sometimes even passwords are exchanged just to show the level of trust and in few days the love story reaches its apex and then comes the turn of meeting. Cell phones are rending great services in this regard. Now what happens in such cases is before us. Relations based on such roots cause nothing but destruction. But the point to ponder is that you invited the trouble and you are responsible for it. No one else is to be blamed because nobody compelled you. Such relations are just for passing time. If u really have a mind then just think for a while that what are you doing? Just people are taking advantage of each other for a certain time. Is that the lust in your heart or is it what you would love to designate as “True Love”? You will realize later that a person has been using you as a garb to fulfill the cravings in their minds and heart. True love is hard to find in this eon. But alas there is no use of crying over the split milk. Hundreds of lives are being ruined on daily basis. Some times by deceiving relations your parents come to know about your so called “true love story” and so you have to end such relations.

Our young generation which is the bright future of this country is on the verge of destruction. The phone calls, chats and obsession of love have greatly affected the studies and activities of Pakistani youngsters and their future is on risk. No one can make them realize what they are doing unless they are willing to hold their own collar and think. Time wasting is another prime factor because today teenagers are spending plenty of time on net surfing rather than reading books and they have skipped all constructive activities. You might be hypnotized by this worldly love for a while but when you face the bitter realities then you come to know that worldly love is not everlasting and it is not as appealing as it seems.

If any of you have gone through such times then let me elucidate some cures too.

Never trust any stranger in a way that one day the person uses your weaknesses as a weapon to blackmail you. It is such an era that even blood relations use you for their own benefits so how can you trust any “stranger”? 90 % of such relations end in break ups sooner or later and then leave you to mourn and regret the mistakes you made in the past.

All what has happened is the outcome of your deeds. You can’t make complains about the fate and this world because you have seen such days due to your negligence and it is bitter truth that the result of such dreadful activities is shameful indeed.

Today the mind set of teenagers is awful. What they think is that when one relation ends then they should seek for the next one. This spectacular is indeed heart piercing.

Girls! How can you be so lenient and compassionate with strangers? Do you think your character has not even little bit of respect and dignity left in it? Are you that much fragile that any man can use you to end their desires? Remember that “Respect of a person lies in dignity of character”. What do you think that such people really want you as their life partner after ending their cravings? It is your misconception and nothing at all that they want you and such a bitter truth that there is no accord in this respect among all classes of the society. You are a precious diamond so never let anyone to play with your emotions.

So have not you heard about the love of Zulekha? If you think that your love is sincere and that much intense then you don’t have to run after it, you will certainly get that person miraculously. Only wait for your turn. But unfortunately in this era Love is defined as a word used to label the sexual excitement of the young ones, the habituation of the middle aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.  

Can’t you just use facebook in a constructive way as people in USA, Britain and other countries are using it for helping people in spreading new news taking place around the world. Those countries have left us far behind in the fields of knowledge and new discoveries because they don’t waste their whole day in facebook surfing although they are the makers of it. They are the owners so they should have used it the whole day but no, they use it by keeping a balance because excess of everything is fatal. You ought to join pages to increase your general knowledge or to create pages and groups for helping people in any field in which you are proficient.

Can’t you just get in touch with your friends rather than doing all useless activities on facebook? If u want to make friends on facebook then be decent to handle people in an upright way. Keep people in limits and do not let them cross the boundaries. That’s why Islam asserts on talking turkey with strangers. Be realistic in life. You should not always listen to your heart but utilize your brains too and think what can be the impacts of your actions.

If you have ever been strayed from the right path then still it is not too late to get on the right one. Ask for forgiveness from your Lord. He will forgive you as “Divinity is perfection, to err is human”. Fall only for Godly designs of love and watch how He lifts you up in His own world. He has planned a better future than what you are planning for yourself. Never contend on less than what you deserve and try to figure out your actual worth.

Allah Almighty says “Come to my path and be mine…I shall make the rest of world yours!”

As it can be seen today what was mentioned by Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) that there will be a time on my Ummah when people will love five things and will forget the other five. They will be in love with people and will forget the Dooms day, they will love worldly wealth and will forget they have to give account of their actions on dooms day, and they will love people and will forget their Lord. They will adore sins and will forget to ask for forgiveness, they will love palaces and will not recall their Graves. (Al Hadith)

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