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La Pizzeria Islamabad | Mother of All Pizzas in Islamabad

Baked to perfection, the pizza delivered by La Pizzeria was by far one of the best pizzas tried by our team. Known to be big foodies we are always looking for something new and exciting and La Pizzeria was indeed a pleasant surprise. The mammoth slices were so filling that eating them was like conquering a mountain and like the people at La Pizzeria say ; each bite was a tasty meaty delight.

Dolce Cake Studio – Simply the best

Attention to detail in using finest ingredients, love for baking and the  exclusive home made taste will satiate your taste buds like never before. So those of you who are sick of the rampant razzle-dazzle and yearn for ‘that’ special taste, pick up the phone, place your order and give us a chance to boost your […]

Breakfast @ Urban Lounge

The good thing about running this blog is that we get all the exclusive deals before they hit you guys. Now take Breakfast at Urban Lounge for an example. Unbelievable stuff. Although dudes at the fried chicken joint have overused the fingerlickin good line but we have to say that this breakfast was in fact […]

The Lesson & I have a tooth ache

Islamabad Club has a long history of hosting the very best plays and attending   The Lesson today was no disappointment.   Organized by Theater Wallay (an amateur actors group), The Lesson is a dark comic set in the mid 20th century France. The Lesson revolves around 2 main character; Enigmatic Teacher and a dull pupil. […]

4O1 | Sinfully Delicious

We are not chocolate connoisseurs, we are just some ordinary people who love chocolates and are always on the lookout for something new, something amazing, something that is sinfully tempting and today Jumma Tul Wida turned out to be our lucky day as we found something called 4O1… Let’s just say, 401 made us droll […]

Cake Mania | The Real Deal

Just when you think that the cake industry in town has reached its prime and no one can produce better cupcakes than the monopolists in market… You get smacked in the face with something so divine that you are forced to change your thinking…  It happened with us yesterday when we were introduced to Cake […]