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Sitting with Danish Ali

Danish Ali is a host and writer for Pakistan’s first english language comedy TV show ‘The Real News”. Shot in front of a live studio audience, thirty one episodes of the show have aired to date on the Pakistani TV Channel ‘Play TV’ and the show has also been featured on the Al-Jazeera network. Danish […]

A sitting with Amir Khan

DC: You belong to Matoor near Kahuta, which is known for its scenic beauty. Have you ever been to your village? Amir Khan: oh yes I went there so many times and love to be there. We have our ancestral house in the village and if I get a chance in this trip I will definitely […]

Dj Bilal of TQ Sound and Lights

Islamabad is often dubbed as the dead capital whereas the party scene in Islamabad is on an all time high. All you need is some good connections and Islamabad will be your ultimate destination to explore the party animal in you. Recently we at Islamabad The Capital with the help of Larosh Khan( head PR […]

Saturn The Band From Islamabad

First time we heard a Saturn tune was so long ago that honestly its very hard to re call the year. At that time we fell in love with their work and spent good 30 minute to download the song ( oh yeah the glorious dial up days)… Now after years they have re united […]

An Interview with Sheikh Ammar Shahzad

At, we always take pride in promoting Pakistani youth… One such individual is Sheikh Ammar Shahzad… Recently we had the opportunity to speak with this highly motivated youth… Here is the interview …. Tell us something about yourself? Myself,Well I am typical Pakistani who has grown up in Streets Of Rawalpindi City.Belonging to an […]

Haroon’s Interview

Haroon- The Pakistani Rockstar Haroon is one of the most famous singers in Pakistan. Over the years Harron has built up a huge fan following and his music video’s are a treat for the viewers. We were fortunate enough to interview him at a casual sitting at his wonderful house. We talked about his music, […]

Ghalib Khalil

GHALIB KHALIL Ghalib Khalil is a young boy from Sialkot. He is very patriotic and loves Pakistan. Ghalib is a gifted poet, a photographer who won the Common Wealth award and a social worker. Ghalib traveled to London to attend the Common Wealth ceremony. Recently when the floods struck Pakistan, this boy raised almost $100,000 […]

Natasha Humera Ejaz’s Interview

Natasha Humera Ejaz a.k.a Tasha is a very talented musician to come out from Islamabad. She is currently studying in Malaysia and is in town on vacations. We at decided to interview this gifted artist at Kuch Khaas. The interview was a lot of fun. Here is the Interview. NATASHA HUMERA EJAZ-Celebrity in the […]